mercredi 2 avril 2014

Bataille d'Elchingen, charge du 19ème régiment de dragons - Suite

Quelques autres photos du diorama.
Le caisson seul dans un premier temps, puis avec les fantassins.

 Et le Major Faurax en action.

4 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful! I've never seen dragoons with so much personality. My French isn't so good, but I did not see in your posts what manufacturer made these dragoons? They look too detailed to be 20mm Airfix, Hatt or Italeri. Very good work.

  2. Vive l'Empereur
    What a nickname !!
    You can use the translation tool that's on the blog to translate in any language you whish.
    Now the info is on the blog but surely way down the pages since I've poste my "work" step by step.
    the dragons are 1/72 Italeri miniatures. Some are heavily converted such as the flagbearer, some just had to suffer an arm swap. The spiking dragon is a pure creation of one of my friends.

  3. Judge you did a fantastic job on this diorama! Very dynamic and excellent painted figures! Looking forward to more of this kind of work!


  4. Thank you Peter !
    That means I have to make some new ones.
    Also need to find room to stock 'em...